Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric for Fire Rescue Teams

14 July 2023
Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric for Fire Rescue Teams

The Importance of Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric for Fire Rescue Teams 

Fire rescue teams are professionals who respond to emergencies involving fire, smoke, heat and other hazardous situations. They need to wear protective clothing and equipment that can withstand high temperatures and flames, as well as enhance their visibility in low-light conditions. That’s why non-flammable reflective fabric is an essential material for their safety and performance. 

What is Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric? 

Non-flammable reflective fabric is a type of textile fabric that is commonly used in workwear or work clothes for fire rescue teams and other workers who face fire and heat risks. It has two main features: 

 It does not ignite or melt when exposed to high temperatures or flames. It is also known as fire-resistant or flame-retardant fabric, which means it can slow down or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity.

  • It has reflective properties that improve worker visibility in dark or smoky environments. It is composed of wide-angle, exposed reflective lenses that reflect light back to its source, such as headlights or flashlights. 

 Non-flammable reflective fabric can be made of synthetic fibers, such as aramid, cotton, polyester or nylon, that are treated with special chemicals or coatings to make them resistant to fire and heat. Some fabrics are also perforated or breathable to provide comfort and ventilation for the wearer. 

 The quality and performance of non-flammable reflective fabrics are tested and certified according to international standards. For example, standards such as EN 469, NFPA 2112, ISO 11611, ISO 11612, ISO 14116 measure the fire protection, reflectivity and durability of non-flammable reflective fabrics.   

non-flammable reflective fabric

How Does Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric Benefit Fire Rescue Teams? 

  Non-flammable reflective fabric provides several benefits for fire rescue teams, such as: 

  Non-flammable reflective enhances the visibility and recognition of rescue teams by other team members, bystanders and drivers, which can prevent accidents and collisions.

  • It increases their confidence and morale by making them feel safer and more prepared for their tasks. 
  • It complies with the standards and regulations for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the fire service industry. 
  • Non-flammable reflective fabrics and the garments manufactured from them are very durable and can maintain their resistance against the wear and tear of fire fighting. Non-flammable reflective fabric, which is known for its strength, is also easy to maintain.
  • Fire garments made of non-flammable reflective fabric are usually more comfortable to use than standard fabrics, which facilitates the work of firefighters and fire response teams by allowing them to move easily in emergency situations.

According to the latest changes made to NFPA 1851 / Standard 45, which was published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and covers the selection and maintenance of firefighter protective ensembles, fire fighting garments and firefighter equipment should also be carefully cleaned for contamination. In addition, an amendment made in 2020 to the same regulation also recommends that firefighters attach reflective strips or markers to their personal protective equipment (PPE) to increase their visibility in low-light or smoky conditions.

In Which Materials Can You Find Non-Flammable Reflective Fabric? 

Non-flammable reflective fabric is available in various forms and products, such as: 

  • Rolls of reflective fabric that can be sewn or applied to garments, such as jackets, pants, gloves, shoes, vests and helmets. 
  • Ready-made garments that are designed with non-flammable reflective fabric, such as fire suits, coveralls, jumpsuits and hoods¹. 
  • Accessories that are made of non-flammable reflective fabric, such as patches, tapes, bands and labels. 

Non-flammable reflective fabric can be found in different colors, such as silver, yellow, orange, red and green, depending on the preference and requirement of the user. Some fabrics can also be screen printed with logos, names or symbols. 

As seen and even experienced in Turkey, non-flammable reflective fabric is a vital material for fire rescue teams who work in challenging and dangerous conditions. It protects them from fire and heat hazards while improving their visibility and recognition. It is a smart investment for their safety and performance. 

TG Tekstil manufactures and supplies different types and structures of non-flammable reflective fabrics and tapes in accordance with the standards of the General Directorate of Forestry (OGM). In Turkey, where the risk of forest fire increases especially in summer months, it is mandatory for critical personnel such as OGM employees, guards and emergency response teams who are assigned in case of fire, as well as firefighters, to use reflective products and equipment made of non-flammable fabric for their personal safety and also essential for the continuity of fire intervention. 

Within the scope of that, non-flammable reflective materials are also considered as fire prevention technology in occupational safety equipment. To ensure fire safety with non-flammable reflective fabrics, you can check out the product range offered by TG Tekstil on our product pages, and contact our experts for details. TG Tekstil also offers many different products such as Raschel Fabric,  Reflective Embroidery Thread and Piping,  Reflective Safety Vests & Hi Vis Vests,  Narrow Woven Reflector Fabrics, Transfer Reflector Film and Reflective Fabric in its product range.