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Reflective safety vests are categorized as specifically designed hi vis vests and safety equipment that provide high visibility and they are primarily used for safety purposes. Reflective vests, or in other words high visibility vests (hi vis vest)  prevent potential accidents by making the wearer more visible at night, in the dark, or in low light conditions; therefore these reflective jackets are regarded as vital equipment for occupational safety.


Due to their functional features, reflective safety vests and high visibility jackets are widely used in various industries and working environments. Worker vests, reflective vests, construction vests, warning vests or reflective jackets for cycling are widely preferred by motorcycle,  bicycle, or scooter riders, pedestrians, workers, engineers and private security guards. 

From a sectoral perspective, some of the areas where reflective vests and hi vis vests are commonly used include:

  1. Construction and Road Works: Reflective vests are used to ensure the safety of personnel working on construction sites, road works, and traffic checkpoints. Usage of construction vests  enhances the visibility of workers in low light conditions or at night, minimizing potential safety risks.


  1. Transportation and Shipping: Bus drivers, truck drivers, railway personnel, and other transportation workers use reflective vests in their daily work. These vests make it easier for drivers and other road users to recognize these workers and help prevent accidents.


  1. Airports and Ports: Airport staff, harbor workers, and security guards use reflective vests and traffic vests in their daily work. These reflective warning vests and traffic vests increase visibility and ensure the safety of workers in heavy traffic and low light conditions.


  1. Energy Industry: Electricity companies prefer reflective jackets and high visibility jackets for personnel working on power lines. high visibility vests provide better visibility of personnel when working on power lines and play a critical role in preventing electrical accidents.


  1. Security Services: Private security guards, police officers, and emergency responders can use high visibility vests or reflective vests during their work shifts. These vests make it easier to recognize personnel maintaining public order and responding to emergencies.


High visibility jackets or neon construction vests (reflective safety vests) are produced from high-quality and durable materials in order to meet the necessary requirements. These waterproof and breathable reflective striped vests prioritize the comfort and functionality of the wearer. Furthermore, reflective vests and hi vis vests are designed and manufactured in accordance with occupational health and safety standards. High visibility vests are certificated with global standards and are manufactured in accordance with international safety codes & standards.

In addition to reflective hi vis vests, construction vests, worker vest, safety vests with pockets, high visibility jackets, orange safety vests, high vis winter jackets, yellow safety vests, reflective puffer jacket and reflective rain jacket, reflective coats and surveying vest may also be preferred by individuals and firms as standardized safety workwear in various industries. 

Consequently, overall high visibility clothing is an important safety equipment with no doubt increasing visibility and reducing safety risks. These high-quality standards safety vests also contribute to work efficiency while ensuring employee safety.

TG Textile Reflective Safety Vest Products

Safety Vest Belt With Reflective


By using the Reflective Safety Vest Belt in TG Tekstil’s product range, you are able to turn your worker vest or clothing into a reflective jacket, hi vis jacket, high visibility clothing, reflective running jacket, traffic vest or a reflective rain jacket. TG Tekstil’s reflective safety vest belt supports individuals visibility up to 400 meters in the dark on motorcycles, bicycles, scooters etc., and ensures ones’ safety in traffic. Additionally, since the reflective safety vest belt is made of lightweight material, it can be easily used on sportswear and outdoor clothing.

The reflective safety vest belt can be extended from 107 cm wide to 100 cm long thanks to the adjustable buckles, allowing it to be adapted to any size. Reflective safety vest belts with the EN 20471 standard ensure even greater visibility in the dark. These reflective safety vest belts also have ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 CLASS II and OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS II certificates. Therefore these reflective materials are suitable for washing under appropriate conditions in accordance with these standards. The reflective stripes in the product range can be listed in various colors such as Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Pink, Black, or Navy Blue stripes on a silver background.

Reflective Neon Yellow Worker Vest

Made of raschel fabric and having TG Tekstil’s quality, the Reflective Neon Yellow Worker Vest or yellow hi vis vest in other words, makes users visible in low light conditions and darkness, such as sunset or dawn. The reflective worker vest’s primary feature is safety.  Especially for workers in the field, TG Tekstil’s reflective neon yellow worker vest, construction vest and hi vis vest stands out as a safety equipment choice such as reflectorized vest for engineers.  With hi vis vest made of reflective fabric such as reflective vests, reflective jackets, reflective pants, hi vis jackets, reflective worker vests,safety vests with pockets,  reflective coat, safety construction vest, reflective safety vest, construction worker vest, high visibility clothing and reflective running jacket, you can take precautions for occupational safety and journeys in the dark. These yellow worker vests can be manufactured in every color upon order. 

For questions and orders regarding prices of reflective hi vis vests and jackets, worker vests, black or orange safety vests please contact us!