3M Thinsulate Advance Type G (G60/80/100/120/150/200)

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3M Thinsulate Type G Series is a lightweight, synthetic solution designed for durability, breathability, and moisture resistance. This product offers users a comfortable experience by providing insulation in various conditions. Renowned for its exceptional durability, the G Series is ideal for long-lasting use. Its breathable structure ensures wearer comfort and helps wick away sweat. With its moisture-resistant feature, it reduces the risk of getting wet, keeping the user dry. With these attributes, 3M Thinsulate Fiber G Series is a widely preferred option in various garments and equipment. The thermally-bonded fiber matrix ensures durability. It can be washed up to 80 degrees Celsius up to 100 grams and dry cleaned.

Clo Value:1.4-3.3
Content:%100 Polyester
Usage:Gloves, Outdoor Clothes, Sportswear, Work Clothes
Certificate: OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS I, bluesign
Feature:Breathable, Moisture Resistant, Warm, Water Repellent, Hipoalerjenik, dayanıklı
Size:Please check the table
Deadline: 1-2 Weeks