3M Thinsulate Stretch Insulation (Type FX) (FX40/70/100)

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3M Thinsulate Stretch Fiber (Type FX) represents an innovative blend of specialized elastomeric fine olefin fibers and larger staple fibers, engineered to provide an exceptional four-directional stretch capability of up to 40%. This cutting-edge product is meticulously designed to meet the stringent demands of applications where superior stretch and rapid recovery are paramount. It can be washed at 40 degrees and dry clean.

Clo Value:0.6-0.9
Content:%65 Fine elastomeric olefin /%35 Polyester
Usage:Gloves, Outter Weather, Sports Wear
Certificate: OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS I
Özellikler:Four-directional stretch , Moisture Resistant, Warm, Breathable
Size:Please check the table
Deadline: 1-2 Weeks