DC1000 Cotton Colored Reflective Fabric

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Product Description: DC1000 cotton colored reflective fabric is used in products such as sportswear, outdoor clothing, ready-made clothing, bags, pet products. It has 10 washes at 40 degrees. In our stocks; black, red, blue, yellow, orange colors are available. It is produced in the colors you want.

What is reflective fabric?

The reflective fabric allows you to be visible at night or in areas that make it difficult to see, such as fog. The raw material of the reflector fabric consists of tiny glasses. These glass beads are processed onto materials (T/C, 100% polyester, transfer films) to form reflective fabric.

Colour:Products can be made in the colors you want such as golden yellow, white, yellow, red, blue, green, pink, orange, black.
Reflection:≥5-30 cd/(lx•m2)
Product Type:Reflective Fabric
Washing Instructions:Household wash: 10 washes at 40 degrees
Dimensions:Available in any size you want