DM 1007 Cotton Silver Reflective Fabric (500cd/lux)(6101-B)

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Product Description: Our DM 1007 Reflective fabric is similar to our 6101 reflective product. Our DM 1003 Reflective fabric is suitable to workwear that does not require certification.

Areas of use: Safety vests and belts are widely used in work clothes, coats, raincoats, workwear, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes and hats. Available in any size you want.

What is reflective fabric?

The reflector fabric allows you to be visible at night or in areas that make it difficult to see, such as fog. The raw material of the reflector fabric consists of tiny glasses. These glass beads are processed onto materials (T/C, 100% polyester, transfer films) to form reflector fabric.

What are the degrees of reflection?

Reflection degrees of reflector fabrics are shown with cd(lx.m2). The value that will show the lowest performance in the reflected light in the dark starts at 330 cd/(lx.m2). The value that will show the highest performance in reflected light in the dark is 500 cd/(lx.m2) and higher.


Backing:%65 Polyester %35 pamuk
Product Type:Reflektör Kumaş
Sizes:  İstediğiniz boyutlarda mevcuttur