DM Solas Reflective Tape

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Solas reflector tape is made of highly weather-resistant reflective material for lifesaving devices suitable for use in the sea, which is constantly exposed to the outdoors. It is a waterproof marine reflective tape that complies with the three main standards of CCS, USCG and SOLAS, and provides a 5-year durability guarantee. Lifeboat and rescue boat, liftraft, life buoy, buoyancy apparatus, life vest, immersion suit etc. It can be used in products used in the sea.

Product Feature:
1. High reflectivity meets standard photo-metric requirements specified in IMO A.685 (16) and outperforms desired requirements.
2. High flexibility, can be attached to flat surface and round surface.
3. It has a special adhesive that is resistant to sea water.
4. Seawater resistant, applicable to safety equipment used in seawater.
5. Low temperature resistant, can perform in cold weather.
6. It does not turn white after exposure to high heat and there is no change in its reflection.

Code:SOLAS Tape
Contents:TPU Surface
Product Type:Reflector Solas tape
Certificate:CCS, EC, IMO, USCG
Washing Instructions:Household wash: 25 washes at 60 degrees (ISO6330 2A), Dry Cleaning: 5 washes (IS03175)
Dimensions:5 cm is available
Application:Adhesive Back