Neon Yellow Knitted Raschel Fabric

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Product description: Neon yellow knitted raschel fabric is frequently used in worker safety vests. Thanks to its soft structure and quick-drying feature, it provides a practical use. It is available in our stocks in different weights.

What are the advantages of raschel fabric?

– It is air-permeable because it is knitted.
– It is resistant to wind.
– It has the properties of polyester fabric and therefore does not hold water. So it dries quickly.
– It can be easily washed in the machine.
– It has a soft structure.
– Wrinkle free; It can be easily ironed by placing a cloth between it and the iron.

Usage areas: It is frequently used in similar areas such as high visibility work clothes, safety vests and belts, work clothes, coats, raincoats, work clothes.

What is raschel fabric?

The fabric prepared from polyester yarn by knitting method is called raschel fabric. It is among the most preferred fabrics with its many different features and useful structure.

Color:Neon Yellow
Weights:65 gr-100 gr- 120 gr
Content:%100 polyester
Product Type:Raschel Fabric
Washing Instructions:It should be washed at 30 degrees.
Dimensions:150 cmx200 metre