What is a Reflective Embroidery Thread?

28 August 2023
What is a Reflective Embroidery Thread?

Reflective Embroidery Thread can be identified as a type of embroidery thread woven on fabric. Embroidery is an art and craft used to embroider patterns, motifs or writing on textile products. Embroidery threads made of different materials, colors or thicknesses can be used in hand or machine embroidery. Reflective embroidery thread is a special type of embroidery thread manufactured for certain sectors and areas of use. In this article, while discussing the special type of embroidery thread called reflector embroidery thread, we will also introduce the reflective embroidery thread and piping products in the TG Tekstil product range. 

What is Reflective Embroidery Thread and in Which Areas is it Used? 

As we mentioned in the introduction, reflector embroidery thread and reflective piping can be defined as embroidery threads and piping that are reflective, in other words, have reflective properties. Reflective embroidery threads made of reflective fabrics, which increase visibility in low light conditions by reflecting light back, create a glow-in-the-dark effect thanks to these properties. Reflector embroidery threads, a type of thread that glows in the dark, are often used in markings, safety equipment and sportswear that require nighttime visibility. Thanks to its reflective properties, this type of thread provides the desired visibility, especially in dark conditions. 

Embroidery thread materials are widely preferred in the textile sector for many different purposes. For example, reflective embroidery thread can be used in products such as safety equipment and clothing, sportswear, pet products, decorative products, accessories, children’s clothing. The thread also provides aesthetics and safety to users and textile and fashion sectors. 

What Colors is Reflector Embroidery Thread Available? 

Reflective embroidery thread is available in different colors. For example, reflective embroidery threads can be manufactured in colors such as silver, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink. Basically the color of the reflector embroidery thread depends on the color of the reflective fabric it is made of. In addition, the color of the reflector embroidery thread should match the color and purpose of the product to be used. For example, for safety equipment, eye-catching colors such as yellow or orange are usually preferred, while more vibrant or pastel colors may be preferred for sportswear or accessories. 

Is Reflective Embroidery Thread the Same as Regular Embroidery Thread? 

Reflective embroidery thread can not be considered similar to normal embroidery thread. Reflector embroidery thread is woven from reflective film unlike normal embroidery thread. This is why reflective embroidery thread is thicker and stiffer than regular embroidery thread. On the other hand, reflective embroidery thread is sold at different price points than normal embroidery thread, as the areas and industries in which it is used differ.  

Reflective embroidery thread also requires more care and attention than regular embroidery thread when used by the end user. In order to maintain the quality and performance of reflector embroidery thread and reflective bias tape, the garments and materials to which they are applied must be properly handled and cleaned. 

How Durable Are Reflector Embroidery Thread and Piping? 

Both reflective embroidery threads and piping are very durable materials. Since they are made of reflective fabric, they are resistant to factors such as high temperature, abrasion and washing; some products are also resistant to heat. Reflector embroidery threads and reflective piping, which have international certificates, do not cause problems such as color fading, loss of brightness and rupture when properly exposed to processes such as washing, drying and ironing. 

The durability of reflective embroidery thread and piping depends on the quality of the material used, the thickness of the reflective fabric and the way it is woven. International standards are used to test and document the durability of reflector embroidery thread. For example, standards such as EN 20471, OEKO-TEX, ISO 6330 and IS0 3175 measure the properties of reflector embroidery thread and reflective piping such as reflectivity, durability, special conditions and suitability for use in emergency clothing. 

Where to Use Reflective Embroidery Thread and How to Clean it? 

When cleaning products where reflective embroidery thread and piping are used, users should consider the following conditions:  

  • When it comes to cleaning, reflector embroidery thread can be washed normally. However, the use of abrasive detergents or abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Such products can reduce or destroy the reflective properties of the thread.  
  • The washing and drying conditions for each reflective embroidery thread and piping can vary, so it is important to read and follow the instructions carefully.  
  • Products made with reflector embroidery thread are suitable for drying a certain number of times in the dryer. On the other hand, products may last longer if left to dry naturally.  
  • Products using reflector embroidery thread and/or reflector piping should not be ironed with high temperature irons. Ironing may cause the reflective fabric to melt or stick. Products should be folded or hung in a way that does not require ironing. 

Which Products are in the TG Textile Reflective Embroidery Thread Product Range? 

In addition to our reflective fabric and transfer reflective film products, reflective embroidery thread and piping for different areas of use are also included in TG Tekstil’s product range. Reflective embroidery thread and reflective piping are among the products preferred by designers in the sportswear and ready-to-wear sector, as well as working clothes that require certification. You can find more detailed technical information about our polyester reflective or cotton reflective yarn types and products on the products’ own pages, and you can get your price offer immediately by contacting TG Tekstil experts. 

DM 6101 Cotton Silver Reflective Binding: This product is an approved product used in official and private institutions. It has EN 20471 standard and is suitable for use in security and emergency response institutions such as police, gendarmerie, 112 Emergency, traffic police. 

DM 1001 Cotton Gray Reflective Binding: This product has the same standards as DM 6101 and can be safely used in work clothes and work clothes of security and emergency response teams. 

DM 1005 Cotton Gray Reflective Binding: This product has a reflectivity of 200-250 cd/lux and can be used on workwear suitable for washing. Produced in 1.3 cm-3 cm sizes, the product can be sewn in the sizes you want by TG Tekstil. 

DM Colored Reflective Embroidery Yarn for DM Knitting: This product has many color options such as red, blue, orange, green, yellow, black, pink and purple. It is a very suitable product for embroidery. 

DM Polyester Reflective Embroidery Yarn for DM Knitting: This unique product is made of 100% polyester material and is cut from 5 cm reflective fabric. The thinnest is manufactured as thin as 1 mm. Although it is only 1 mm, its reflection has a standard of 300 cd/lux. 

You can take the advantage of TG Tekstil’s reflective embroidery threads and piping products for the design of textile products and take your designs to the next level by adding color, pattern, texture and sparkle to fabrics. These reflector embroidery thread products may be used in many different areas such as ready-to-wear, home textiles, accessories, bags and even shoe design. For more detailed information about our products and to place an order, contact our experts today!